Assistance Fund For First Responders

hope for emergency responders organization
HERO assistance fund can supply financial help for first responders who need it.
First responders’ jobs are not only physically demanding, the repeated experiences of seeing traumatic events also has a mental toll on firefighters, EMTs, police, and others.


HERO can provide monetary assistance to families with financial issues caused by loss of wages due to a loved one in a recovery treatment plan. Assistance can be provided to help with transportation to/from treatment. We can also help with hotel or transportation costs for families of first responders. The application process, with the board of directors serving as the selection committee, helps ensure the financial burden to first responders isn’t too great.


To apply please contact us at with “Assistance Fund” in the Subject Line. You will be asked to complete a short form to determine eligibility.

Other Services

The HERO Home Page is an overview of who we are and what we do.
The HERO Scholarship Fund is open to graduating high school seniors.
HERO offers Peer Support in the form of a warm line.
Frequently Asked Questions answers recurring questions from first responders.
The Resources page lists other ways first responders can find help.
Our Board of Directors is dedicated to helping first responders.